29 million teens have more places to be than ways to get there.


“Busy” is a common condition of the modern family and there are only 24 hours in a day. Carpools, traffic, competing schedules, unforeseen events — these are realities that drain valuable hours from our day and create anxiety that we carry with us.


At Autter, we provide trusted teen transportation to help you repurpose your time in more mindful, efficient and meaningful ways. We create opportunities for you to achieve your goals with peace of mind and without sacrifice.


We promise



Our innovative technology puts you in control and gives you the keys to:

  • Easy-to-use scheduling
  • Pre-loaded destinations
  • Ability to choose drivers
  • Constant connectivity with our drivers and your riders
  • Real-time, geo-tracking technology

Personal Service

We know and respect the gravity of the decision to put your teens in our care and hold each of our team members to the highest standard of accountability and professionalism.

The personal relationships forged between you, your drivers and the rest of the team here at Autter promote peace of mind and empower you to reclaim and reinvest your time.


Culture of integrity

We consistently strive to treat our customers, riders, drivers and team members with respect, confidence and accountability.

"We get it. Life with teens is both maddening and amazing! We give you the freedom to choose quality time over simple quantity and repurpose it in a way that's most valuable to you."
Kim Crocker  |  Co-Founder

Our Service Areas

We currently provide service to families in North Metro Atlanta and growing everyday! If you aren’t sure about your area, or have a special request, please contact us!


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