Raft Rules

Safety First!


  • Always drive carefully and conscientiously

  • In accordance with Autter policy and GA state law, never talk or text at any time during the ride

  • Set your navigation, send the Glympse text BEFORE you depart from the pickup location

  • Always keep your eyes on the road and obey all traffic laws

  • For safety and courtesy don’t leave a drop-off destination until our rafter is inside

  • We understand that things happen and you might not be able to make your ride in an emergency. If that happens, contact Autter at driver.support@autterride.com or 404-537-1766 as soon as possible. Please do not have someone you know drive for you.


  • Always stay in your seat and wear your seatbelt

  • Don’t play music so loudly that it’s distracting to the driver

  • No rough-housing, yelling, or distracting the driver

  • When you get to your destination, go directly to where you’re supposed to be

Common Sense

Drivers: think “what would their parents do?”

  • Avoid anything that puts your rafter in a potentially unsafe situation

  • No teens that are not a part of the pre-scheduled ride are allowed in the car - EVER

  • If a situation arises with an unscheduled teen wanting a ride, call Autter immediately

  • Always go directly to the scheduled destination

  • Don’t drop a rafter off anywhere other than the pre-arranged destination

Rafters, as your parents would say “use your brain!”

  • Only get into the car if you see the Autter decal, the driver and car match the photos that you were provided, and the driver confirms name, schedule and destination with you

  • Pay attention to your surroundings

  • Trust your gut, it’s almost always right. If you feel unsafe, tell your driver and parents right away. In extreme cases, call your parents, Autter and/or 911 if you feel that there is an immediate danger.




  • Be welcoming and considerate

  • Remember these are teens and may be apt to put in earbuds and listen to music – it’s not personal

  • Communicate pick-up and drop-offs promptly so parents have peace of mind


  • Keep your hands to yourself, ask permission before charging your phone or touching anything in the car

  • The driver is not allowed to drive any people who are not a part of the scheduled ride, please don't put them in an awkward situation by trying to get someone in

  • Be pleasant and communicate with the driver about the route or any other questions they may have

  • Do not eat and drink in the car without permission from the driver