Kim Crocker

founder & CEO


At heart, I’m an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife, and a friend.

Raised by working parents, one of the OG latchkey kids, they employed a hodgepodge of neighborhood teenagers, carpools, and passionate games of rock, paper, scissors to make sure that my sister and I participated in every activity – all while raising us to be a pretty great people.

I didn’t fully appreciate it until my daughter, Isabel, turned 12 and was too old for the babysitter who drove her around as part of the gig. Just when I was celebrating her new self-sufficiency and planning how to spend all my free time, I found myself simply driving.

All. The. Time.

The stress that the daily logistical nightmare put on our family made me believe that we had to change our lifestyle without sacrifice or face implosion….and Autter was born.

My 20-year career spanning logistics and operations, technology innovation and customer experience provided the vision to combine a redundant, logistical infrastructure with cutting edge technology that makes Autter unique. Safe, reliable and innovative, Autter is the solution that allows teens to be all the places that they want to be and gives parents the peace of mind to enjoy those returned hours in ways that are important to them.

And that’s freaking awesome.


Diane Allers


I have over 20 years of experience managing teams in both the creative and tech/security space and hold a BA from the University of Oregon. A serial volunteer, I’m passionate about improving outcomes for kids (and parents) in both education and athletics. I currently serve on the board of Atlanta Colt Youth Association, and on the Principal Advisory Councils at the local middle and high schools. My sons Finnian (15) and Dempsey (12) are very active in football, basketball, baseball and orchestra and constantly on the move!


Mike Doyle


As Beyonce says, girls run the world, and as a father of two and a grandfather of three, each of them determined to make their mark, I know firsthand the parental pride of watching them pursue the activities they are passionate about. I also know the parental frustrations and conflicts of getting them there. The aggravation of figuring out the logistics would frequently overwhelm the positives and increase the mayhem at home. Autter is exciting for me because I can significantly impact this important, but sometimes under the radar, lifestyle issue and help families regain balance. As my daughters will grudgingly confirm, I was security conscious before it was in vogue so the safety and security that are the bedrock of Autter’s core values make me even more proud to be a Founder.